De-Program or Be Programmed

Review Questions

These are the review questions that I posed based on the introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 10. Liz had different questions for Chapter 6, which she listed on her slides.

  1. What is a bias, according to Rushkoff?
  2. Computers are great at handling a steady stream of inputs—my typing on a keyboard, an incoming email message, a push alert, etc. How many inputs can a human being handle?
  3. Our class meetings are synchronous, but our home work is asynchronous. How does understanding this difference help us manage the various inputs we encounter?
  4. A good deal of this reading reminds me of Walter Ong’s famous argument about orality. Ong argued that writing was a technology that transformed oral cultures into ones capable of advanced thinking. Rushkoff seems to argue the opposite: that our use of digital technology in real time has ruined our thinking. How are we are using these technologies differently?
  5. What does he mean by “hacking” an arbitrary system?
    • Missile guidance systems used for assisted driving technologies: cruise control and GPS navigation
    • Missed call feature -> Text messaging
    • Powerful personal computer best used as an Internet terminal
  6. Is learning to program the only answer?

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