New Media, Spring 2014, Final Review

To make up for the cancelled class, due to the various winter storms, please take about a half hour to watch the following review I prepared last week.

The video covers the format for the final exam and the material the exam will cover. The exam will consist of five identification questions and three essay questions. Remember that our final exam will be on Wednesday, May 7, at 9:00 AM.

In the video I also summarize the thirteen chapters you presented in the second half of the class. Those readings include the following chapters:

  1. Howard Rheingold, “Crap Detection 101: How to Find What You Need to Know and How to Decide If It’s True”
  2. Rhiengold, “Social Digital Know-How: The Arts and Science of Collective Intelligence”
  3. Douglas Rushkoff, “Be Yourself”
  4. Siva Vaidhyanathan, “Googlization of Us”
  5. Vaidhyanathan, “Ways and Means: Faith and Aptitude and Technology”
  6. Lee Raine and Barry Wellman, “Networked Relationships”
  7. Eli Pariser, “The User is the Content”
  8. Pariser, “Adderall Society”
  9. Clay Shirky, “Gin TV and Cognitive Surplus”
  10. Shirky, “Means”
  11. Evgeny Morozov, “How to Break Politics By Fixing It”
  12. Morozov, “The Perils of Algorithmic Gatekeeping”
  13. Lawrence Lessig, “Property”

Finally, I wish you good luck with this and your other exams. See you on Wednesday.

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