Digital Job Search — The Center for Communication

The Center for Communication, a New York–based organization dedicated to connecting today’s media industry professionals with the leaders of tomorrow, is hosting a workshop on jobs in the technology sector.


Wednesday, March 11, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
The New School
Theresa Lang Center
55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor

The technology sector is booming! Exciting opportunities (with incredible perks) exist in this highly competitive field. Silicon Alley recruiters share insights on the various openings and the skills you need to land a job.


Telegraphs and Blizzards Don’t Mix

Due to the “potentially historic” blizzard due to hit the Northeast today and tomorrow, all classes at Fordham scheduled on Monday after 1:00 PM and on Tuesday are cancelled. We will have to wait until next week to discuss Tom Standage’s book The Victorian Internet.


Incidentally, during the Blizzard of 1888, one of the most intense snow storms to ever hit New York City, telegraph lines that hung above the street posed one of the greatest dangers. Ice formed on the wires and threatened to bring down the lines with icicles acting as daggers. This particular blizzard is why power lines are now underground and why many cities moved to construct underground mass transit systems, such as the cities.

Justice for Black Lives March, at CUNY Queens College, December 10, 12:15 PM

A student group at CUNY Queens College, QC Students Without Borders, has called on the QC faculty to rally students to protest the unindicted murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York City.

We are from a club called Students Without Border on the QC campus. As you may have heard the state has decided to not indict the officers who’ve murdered Michael Brown and also Eric Garner. The failure to indict these officers has shown once again that this criminal justice system doesn’t value black life. This is also seen with very similar cases of black youth being executed by the police forces such as Oscar Grant, Rahmarley Graham, Travyvon Martin, Shantel Davis, Akai Gurley and Tamir Rice.

Our club likes to bring social issues like these to the light which deserve mass participation from the people. We are issuing a wide call for an action on campus next Wednesday, December 10, during the free hour, 12:15–1:40pm, in the main cafeteria hall. Justice for Black Lives March [aims to] show, that although the courts may not value black life, at the very least Queens College can stand up and say we do.

Creative Boot Camp New York City!

Note: If you’re interested in advertising as a potential field for your career, consider applying for this Creative Boot Camp.

The One Club, a non-profit organization located in NY, would like to extend an invitation to students to participate in their free annual Creative Boot Camp New York City! The CBC will take place from Tuesday, January 20th – Friday, January 23rd, 2015. The CBC will be sponsored by Wunderman Advertising Agency and held at their location.

The Creative Boot Camp is a 4-day workshop that introduces students from all educational backgrounds to the creative process in the advertising industry. The goal is to recruit creative students who are not aware of advertising and design as viable career options and introduce them to the art of conceptualizing and building a campaign for a real client.

The CBC¹s are supported by the best advertising agencies in the world by utilizing their top creative talent to serve as mentors and judges throughout the program. Since it’s inception in New York five years ago, we have successfully completed many boot camp sessions with well over a thousand students participating from various cities including LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco, and London. We have watched these students go from knowing little to nothing about the field, to using the information and tools they gathered at the boot camp to move on to top advertising training programs, land coveted internship at large advertising agencies and even secure full-time jobs.

  • Provides students with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work at an agency as a copywriter and art director by creating an advertising campaign based on a creative brief provided by a sponsoring agency.
  • Creates opportunities for networking with top local advertising professionals, who participate throughout the 4-day process as mentors.
  • Participants walk away with a solid advertising campaign to add to their portfolios.
  • Provides free breakfast and lunch to all participants during the course of the workshop.
  • Gives students the chance to compete for an internship position at the sponsoring agency.

Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Information Session: What Can I Do After Graduation?

Are you exploring career opportunities? Are you unsure about Graduate School or do you want to go to graduate school later? Are you passionate about a social or political issue and looking for a way to devote your full time to it?

Come explore these questions further at an upcoming information session sponsored by the Office of Honors and Scholarships.

November 19th
Free Hour, from 12:15–1:30
Honors Hall Rm. 12

We will discuss one-year opportunities including public policy work, teaching, non-profit and community service. This session will be particularly useful for seniors, but all are welcome.

Please contact our National Fellowships Advisor, Dr. Moira Egan at or (718) 997–2863 with any questions.

New Media Syllabus Updated due to Storm

Snow in New York

Due to the storm and the attendant class cancellation, I have updated our syllabus. Basically, everything is now happening a week later. The two exceptions are the final paper, due April 30, and the final exam, on May 7.

As I mentioned at our first meeting, for some reason, we had fifteen weekly meetings scheduled this semester instead of the usual fourteen. Even with the cancellation, we will still have a full semester experience.

The updated syllabus is at