Filter Bubble

Inside the Filter Bubble


  • Google and Facebook
  • Apple and Microsoft

prediction engines

  • a theory of who we are
  • alters the way we encounter ideas and information

three dynamics of the Filter Bubble

  1. you are alone in it
  2. invisible
  3. you have no choice, except to enter the bubble

Adderall Society

  • we need Adderall because there’s so much going on
  • distorting effect
  • acts like a magnifying glass
  • is the idea of the filter bubble helpful or harmful?
  • is this isolating us?
  • personalized filters promote narrow focus
  • hyper focus promotes synthesis

The User is the Content

  • crisis of print
  • advertising revenue
  • in the age of the mass media: editors do the filtering
  • in the age of digital media: personalization does the filtering
  • filter bubble: personalization, people become isolated
  • Click-bait: sensationalism, for the aim of clickiness of an article

Are we paying closer attention to the dead squirrel in front of our home than a genocide?

Don’t Want to Be Tracked